Values & Culture

The culture at DGS is based on common basic values that are lived by all employees in the daily environment regardless of function and location, therewith shaping the core of our company.


  • Collaboration: Participate in teamwork
  • Communication: Communicate openly, honestly and bindingly
  • Trust and responsibility: Determine responsibilities and competences and give confidence


  • Health: Take care of your body's condition
  • Family: Keep the balance between work and private life
  • Willingness: Show performance, cooperation and willingness to learn


  • Future orientation: Build your own future through innovation
  • Customer orientation: Dedicate yourself to the needs of the customers by professional behavior and production quality
  • Quality: Ensure highest precision of the products and processes while striving for continuous improvement

The success or failure of a company is not only dependent on the given conditions but much more on the core of the company - in its values. The corporate culture characterizes the behavior and at the same time promotes the motivation, innovation and willingness for change which is reflected in loyalty and extraordinary commitment by each individual.
Olivier Bloch
Head of Enterprise Development
DGS Druckguss Systeme AG