Safety & Health

The aspects of worker's safety and health protection must be taken into account in all operational activities and belong to our supreme objectives. We comply with the relevant laws and regulations regarding protection and health of our employees and take the necessary measures to ensure adherence.

Our commitment to safety & health

  • We are runing a certified work safety and health management system according to OHSAS 18001:2007 at all locations.
  • In regard to safety management we ensure implementation in practice by the industry solution of the Swiss Foundry Association (GVS).
  • Worker's safety and health protection are management tasks of the superior staff at all levels.
  • Through objective and level-customized training and information sharing of all employees, the safety and health-related behavior is facilitated also with regard to non-occupational accidents.
  • Each employee is obliged to perform his own responsibility with regard to his scope of work / function and offers his contribution to the protection of health and safety, and also prevention of non-occupational accidents.

Protecting the health of our employees is our most valuable asset and safety is our highest priority.