Process Development

Our competence center for development in die casting supports you with your goal of becoming «best in class». In engineering and production we feature the latest technology and processes to ensure superior quality standards.


Perfect die casting components are not the only strengths of the DGS group. As a processor-oriented full-service partner we offer numerous complementary services. In our development department we work with state-of-the-art CAD / CAE systems with which we carry out customer-specific FEM calculations or mold filling / solidification simulations.

In order to ensure the greatest possible product quality and manufacturing efficiency we cooperate with the technical experts from customer-side during the development and prototype phase. The close cooperation continues seamlessly during the later serial production.
Our know-how goes far beyond the primary casting process. We are capable of covering all steps in the entire value chain ranging from casting, heat treatment, deburring by blasting, grinding or tumbling, straightening, CNC machining, surface coating and assembly of workpieces, subassemblies and systems.


  • Material advice for aluminum and magnesium
  • Alloy development and property customizations
  • Product / system development
  • 3D data creation and optimization with all common CAD systems
  • Die casting technology advice
  • Process development
  • Tool design & development
  • Prototypes made of light metal in castings and 3D printing (SLM)
  • 3D measurements (tactile and optical)
  • Material laboratory (X-ray, spectral analysis, tensile tests, endurance tests, welding tests, crack tests, metallography, microscopy)
  • Development of requirements-oriented component tests
  • Test facilities


Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)
MAGMASOFT: Mold filling and solidification simulation
ANSYS: FEM analysis