Heat Treatment

DGS has fully-automated electrical heat treatment lines for aluminum die castings in all locations running T5, T6 and T7 specifications, each designed for multi-stage processes.


      • Development of heat treatment parameters together with customers
      • Design of optimal racks and inlets to maximize throughput while minimizing part deformations
      • Concepts for intermediate heat treatment with minimal part deformation
      • Fully-automated processes with parameter monitoring and traceability capability
      • Flexible adjustment of parameter settings during actively running process
      • Flow and cooling simulation for the optimal design of the racks and adjustment of the air baffles and fans

      Heat treatment processes

      • Single and multi-stage heat treatment specifications T5 / T6 / T7
      • Heat treatment processes: TL117A, TL117B, TL117C, DBL4918.20, DBL4918.30 und DBL4918.50